Noncontact Sheet Resistance Instrumentation

About Us

Advanced Technology and Continual Innovation

Delcom Instruments utilizes the most advanced application of eddy current monitoring technology available worldwide. Many scientists attempted to use eddy current monitoring as early as the 1950s but were plagued by limited range and nonlinear results. But then, the scientists at Bell Labs solved the limited range problems and did the best work with respect to electronic implementation. The Labs published an excellent technical paper. With the advancement of microelectronics, Delcom transcended and innovated upon the fundamental physics identified in that Bell Labs document.

Our instruments provide stabler readings, greater range, higher precision, and better accuracy than that found in comparable products and technologies. Additionally, we continue to develop and improve our technology. Yearly, tracking newest semiconductor advancements and design innovation, Delcom releases an improved version of eddy current sensing instrumentation, thus providing customers with incremental and steady performance improvements.

Company History

Three Minneapolis/St. Paul-area engineers founded Delcom in 1985. Delcom began as a sensor and measurement consulting company, winning important contracts from large high-tech research and manufacturing firms. Within a few years, Delcom found that the measurement of sheet resistance was an area of high demand. After patent review and research into the state of the art, Delcom chose to address those particular instrument needs. The founders learned that improvements were needed and, importantly, could be made.

Between 1985 and the present, Delcom grew to become the largest supplier of noncontact sheet resistance meters to vacuum coaters and roll-to-roll thin film manufacturers and the second-largest manufacturer of high precision eddy current instruments in the US. Most sales were domestic; however, Asian flat-screen display technology pushed the need for nondestructive conductive film evaluation. The needs were great and many foreign sales followed.

New energy and vision were introduced in 2010 when John Schweiger purchased the company. Many innovations followed. New release semiconductor parts are specified and now all components are of newest design.

Tradition of Reliability and Responsive Service

For over 30 years, Delcom has been dedicated to solving measurement problems. We continue to support many of our legacy products and are proud to say that many of our instruments have continued to operate within specification since the time of installation or delivery, regardless of a several-decade time period.

Delcom combines a tradition of groundbreaking innovation and high engineering standards with the service, agility, and cost-effectiveness required to compete globally. We are excited to see what new products, services, and support we can deliver as we continue to work closely with our customer-partners to support their innovation and production goals.

We sincerely thank our many loyal customers, and we look forward to sharing a successful future.


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